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Remembering the Connecticut Massacre   Leave a comment

It is days like yesterday that make you wonder, if a human being can suddenly destroy another human being out of hate, ignorance, or insanity, if anything is worth fighting for, whether or not it is worth fighting and resisting evil if an individual’s good can instantly be shattered. Not just for the sake of the victims, for the sake of that one conflicted individual, too, because they are a lost soul too. What is it worth to be good if it is so easy to be evil? What is it worth to be good if good is only noticed when there is evil that provokes it, a chimera before a Bellerophon can rise? But at the end of the day, it is worth everything, it is worth it to protect the people you love, and love will always make good worth it. If anything, yesterday is testament to the fact that staff and other students at Sandy Hook prevented countless other victims, that no matter how bad it is, good still has a fighting chance to make a difference. If anything, yesterday inspires me, and many others, to be better people and to make a difference, small reward for the price that has been paid, but better than nothing. I can’t completely wrap my head around twenty children, dreams unfulfilled, lives unlived, just suddenly extinguished, and although I know I can’t feel a fraction of the loss the parents are going through, my heart goes out to them all the same. And we will never know what made the killer cave, what made him snap and drive to the school yesterday morning, but that could be any of us, we all have days when we are irrational, hateful, out of control, and we can only hope that, on a day when we hit rock bottom, there’s someone there, friend, family, anyone, to stop us from going crazy and hurting other people. And in that respect, I promise, to all of my friends, I’ll always be there for you guys, to listen, even if I’m busy or whatever, I’ll always be there when you need me. I know how thankful I am to have such amazing friends and family.

Rest in peace for all the incredible heroes of yesterday, and for all the beautiful children lost.


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