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Brother Mine :)   Leave a comment

Sometimes, you don’t know know a good thing till it’s gone.

And it’s true. I mean, my brother and I got along really well pretty much since I was born; he’s been the best brother imaginable. But since he’s gone to college, we’ve become a lot closer. At first it was sort of awkward, weirdly enough; the first time he came home, we sort of just wanted to spend time together, and he just comes over and is like, “Hey, you can do your homework in my room, right?”

Since then, it’s totally not embarrassing to just want to hangout with my brother, or to have really long late night conversations, or to ask each other’s advice, or to do fun things just because. Hugs are always accepted. We talk about love, life, love lives :P, all the really important things, more so as we come in to our own as young people and sort of feel out where we’re going forward.

You know, don’t hesitate to love, don’t be embarrassed to love. Time is precious, it’ll be gone before you know it, so make the most of it. It’s funny, how family can be so awkward sometimes, because you care so much you have no idea what to do, or because you feel like you ought to know a lot more about these people than you do. But so what? At the end of the day, the people you love, your friends and family, and these are the people who support you and who you care about. And especially you’re siblings; they’re some mix of family, and friend, and peer, there’s no one that can replace that. ❤



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Sandy Hook Promise   Leave a comment

It’s been a couple of months since the Sandy Hook massacre.

And since the Aurora shooting.

And since the shooting of Senator Gabrielle Giffords.

Nothing has changed. A bill that called for stricter background checks was recently voted down.

This isn’t about partisan politics. This is about a rational law that serves to protect the people of this nation. Gun legislation will not infringe upon the rights of those who bear arms responsibly.

The Sandy Hook Promise is just one way to push for responsible and effective government.

Increase awareness, make some real change happen in Washington.



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Girls in Science   Leave a comment

Apologies for disappearing; I’ve had a hectic but incredible second semester, and a ton has been going on. I won’t say where I’ve been; as one of the few girls competing in what I compete in, I’d probably be readily identifiable, but recently I have been attending a national science camp. And let’s suppose that the premises involves more guys than girls at this camp, by a large margin.

Obviously, to be there at all is proof that none of us are incompetent. There is a clear spectrum of how good people are, and I’m somewhere in the mix. But I guess what I wanted to comment on, and this will be a short post, is that there is a divide. As a girl in science, I’m used to generally being the only girl, and I can definitely hold my own in terms of knowledge and socially with the guys. And that’s totally cool, because let’s be honest, girls can be pretty image driven and judgmental, especially when you  first meet them. I guess it’s just that [I’m surprised that this is true at such a high level of competition, because in my experience the higher you compete, the less you have to prove you are as good as the guys (and also there are fewer and fewer girls)] the girls definitely had to prove that they were qualified to be at camp in terms of how the rest of the team views them. We were invited on to the team, like anyone else, and that alone should show that we deserve to be there.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that the team is sexist because there are more guys than girls. And that brings us to a rather important point; the imbalance isn’t for lack of opportunity for girls, the imbalance is because girls aren’t taking the opportunities. In fact, I would say there are more opportunities for girls to get in to math and science, in an effort to promote girls in STEM. Actually, I feel like girls should be held to the same standards as guys; we should compete at the same level, and I don’t feel like there should be exceptions made so girls stay interested in math and science. In math and science, and in the corporate world, yes, there are barriers for sex, race, sexuality. America has a weird way of confronting inequality; it’s called affirmative action, which is really just reverse discrimination.  The solution is not to promote unqualified people who happen to be of a certain background so that there is “diversity”.The solution is just to disregard sex, race, and other factors when selecting the best candidate for a position. The goal is the same: to bring someone on to a team who can contribute and make the team stronger. Doesn’t matter if they are black or Asian or Caucasian, male or female, straight or gay. That’s what equality is; it’s equal opportunity, not equal success. We all have the right to earn our own successes. 

Hope everyone has been having a great start to summer, whether you’re enjoying the beach and sun, or if you’re still in school slogging through a couple more days of finals, or if you’re off doing something amazing for the summer.


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