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Gun Legislation (or I suppose, the lack thereof of logical gun legislation)   Leave a comment


At the moment, Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to pass an assault weapons ban. 

May 12th, 2013- New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade, 12 shot

May 16th, 2013- Maryland passes assault weapons ban and mandatory background checks

May 8th, 2013- Missouri nullifies all federal gun laws

April 17th, 2013- Background checks bill fails to pass in U.S. Congress

April 16th, 2013- Kansas nullifies all federal gun laws

April 4th, 2013- Connecticut passes three laws, limiting magazine size and requiring background checks

March 20th, 2013- Colorado passes three laws, limiting magazine size, and requiring background checks

March 8th, 2013- Teachers in South Dakota are allowed to carry guns

January 16th, 2013- President Obama signs 23 Executive Orders, intended to inhibit gun violence

January 15th, 2013- New York passes the SAFE Act

December 14th, 2012- Newtown, Connecticut, suspect Adam Lanza, 28 dead including shooter

September 7th, 2012- Accent Signage Systems shooting, 8 dead including shooter

August 5th, 2012- Oak Creek, Wisconsin, suspect Wade Page, 7 dead including shooter

April 2nd, 2012- Oikos University, suspect One L. Goh, 7 dead

July 20th, 2012- Aurora, Colorado, suspect James Holmes, 12 dead

January 8th, 2011- Tucson, Arizona, suspect Jared Loughner, 6 dead, 19 injured

November 5th, 2009- Fort Hood, Texas, suspect Nidal Malik Hasan, 13 dead, 29 injured

April 3rd, 2009- Binghamton, New York, suspect Jiverly Wong, 14 dead

October 2nd, 2008- Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, suspect Charles Carl Roberts, 5 Amish schoolgirls dead

April 15th, 2007- Virginia Tech, suspect Seung-Hui Choi, 32 dead

April 20th, 1999- Littleton, CO, suspects Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold, 13 dead, 34 injured


It’s been a little over six months since the Sandy Hook massacre. Nearly a year since the shootings in Aurora. Over two years since the shooting of Senator Gabrielle Giffords. And almost nothing has changed, in terms of gun regulation.

For Christ’s sake, this isn’t about Second Amendment rights. This isn’t about gun lobbyists. It’s just logic.

The point isn’t to take away the right to bear arms. The point is to bear arms responsibly. It seems mildly ridiculous to me, to put it lightly, that little to no action has been taken in regards to arms regulation in response to multiple shootings. Explain to me, why a bill for background checks was shot down in Congress. Explain to me, why it would not be entirely reasonable to prevent, say, an unstable individual from acquiring assault weapons. While you’re at it, explain to me (and I suppose this is slightly irrelevant here), why a person would like an assault weapon (AK-47, for example) for sport, or for a shooting range, or for self defense. Explain to me, why it wouldn’t be a good idea to know if a non-felon criminal possessed a gun, or perhaps if an ex-drug addict possessed a gun.

I’m not going to say, that with tighter gun legislation, Sandy Hook or Virginia Tech, or Columbine would not have happened, because that’s not necessarily true, and no one can definitively say that. But it would have been more difficult to obtain the weapons and ammunition without raising suspicion. It would be less likely to happen. The thing is, in preventing random crime, and I say random because the crimes have no real motive, is that there is only so much we can understand and prevent in the crime. We will never know why someone is pushed over the edge and inclined to pick up a gun and shoot as many random people as possible, and the way I think about it, the shooter is a victim as well. It’s never one single cause that pushes someone past the tipping point, and but multiple pressures, and background checks of gun owners, or other precautions in obtaining guns, would have served as a speed bump and give loved ones more time to help out a friend who can’t find themselves.

For that matter, most citizens have nothing to lose. A reasonable, law-abiding citizen with a gun really ought to be allowed to carry said gun wherever he or she pleases. Part of minimizing gun violence is education about guns and gun safety. Gun education is a very good thing. But it seems to me, incredibly stupid, not to have reasonable limitations on the purchase of guns (and similarly, the purchase of high-capacity magazines). I’m pro-gun rights and anti-gun violence, which is not contradictory. Own a gun if you want, carry it wherever you want, but don’t inhibit reasonable precautions against gun violence. Guns are weapons by definition, and like any weapon, ought to be handled with skill and caution; there is no reason gun legislation is not reasonable or should not be passed. Guns are dangerous. Does that mean we should get rid of them? No, and we can’t feasibly do that. There are a large number of people in this country who fear guns and what they can do, and this can change through gun safety education; there also are a large number of people who are irrationally defensive about losing their right to own a gun, which isn’t being challenged and shouldn’t be challenged. But let’s face it: there exist people who can’t be trusted with guns. And if people aren’t willing to compromise for rational prevention of gun violence, then it is us, the bystanders, who ought to be held responsible for the next massacre.

Please, understand that this isn’t about politics, that this is about saving lives and using government to make important changes.



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