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September 11th, 2013   Leave a comment

So, this is what I said last year. And what has changed since then? Not much, just that more people have forgotten. The top story on the New York Times is about Syria. Around the same time last year, my facebook notifications flooded with people offering their two cents or their prayers for survivors or lost ones. I don’t know about you, but we didn’t have a moment of silence in school today. Or maybe we did, and it’s just that our broadcast television was having technical difficulties again and instead of announcements, we got a very long silence.

But I suppose, maybe it isn’t an awful thing that people have forgotten. Because they haven’t truly forgotten, no one who saw the news that day, or heard people talking, or lost loved ones, no matter how far or how close, 9/11 has imprinted on humanity. It’s been twelve years. Maybe moving past 9/11 means we as a nation, no longer have to designate a day to cling to pain, and instead are creating, and growing, and building.

So, I guess, we do honor 9/11. By living, as Americans, as humans, as individuals. And I have to say, I’m proud of where I’ve come to, from September 2012. September 11th has become more inspiring to me, as I get older and begin to understand. I feel an obligation to attempt to understand, because I’m old enough to have been alive to witness 9/11, and it is still relevant. 9/11 is a part of our collective unity, whether we like it or not. September 11th is the unifying tragedy of my generation. Even if we were too young to understand, we felt the shock waves. And the best way to honor the dead is not to grieve, it is to live, to grow, to smile. And I try to, I try to make myself a person I can admire, thoughtful, fearless, determined…it’s a work in progress, always. I went on a five mile run today, first time I’ve done that, and it was both easier and harder than I expected. Just don’t stop. And that’s how it is with everything. You don’t know how to be more thoughtful until next time someone cries on your shoulder, instead of turning away and worrying about your test next period, you hug them closer and tell them you love them, and at the same time you think about a million possibilities that will make them stronger, happier, and you want to try them all until something works. Just do it. You don’t know how to be fearless, until next time you see a spider and cringe inside, instead of sending your brother in to kill it with a Swiffer, you cup it in your hands and take it outside. You don’t know how to be determined, until next time you feel like you are never going to understand quantum, instead of putting the book away, power through it, and then take it out tomorrow and read it again, and again, until quantum makes sense. Just do it, change your reflexes. We were bystanders, we are honestly too young to understand the horror of 9/11 as it happened, but that doesn’t change the people we should be, we can be. Even if it’s no more than a reminder to be a better person, then take it like that, be a better person.

-Remember September 11th


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