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On the Ukraine/Russia/Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 front, as of now all of the bodies have been transferred to the Netherlands. The militants controlling the crash site still fail to cooperate with investigation efforts. International representatives have been allowed on to the crash site with unarmed security forces, as mandated by the Ukrainian separatists. Civilians and other unarmed personnel have been allowed as well. The investigators reluctance to comply with their restrictions have been used by Russian and Ukrainian officials to accuse the West of not trying hard enough to determine the cause of the crash. US intelligence officers have declared that Russian missiles have been fired into Ukraine, although not the one that shot down MH17. Currently the crash site is surrounded by heavy fighting, making it difficult for international groups to continue their investigations. For the past several days/the two weeks since the incident, the US and other western nations have been threatening Russia with increased sanctions and discrediting Russian officials for their weaseling out of responsibility, but Russia hardly cares, unless someone intervenes in their plans. The current situation bears a resemblance to Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland prior to the Second World War. Russia’s agression towards Georgia in 2008, Crimea earlier this year, and now Ukraine seems notably expansionist and imperialist. The thing is, no one cares to stop them.


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Apologies for missing a day, I’ll try to keep this up as frequently as possible.

It’s slightly eerie how many air-related crashes/tragedies have occurred recently. First the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the Pacific, then one week ago today, the crash of flight MH17 over  Ukraine. Flights from Europe and the US to Israel have been cancelled or redirected due to the ongoing Israel/Gaza conflict. A plane flying from Kaoshiung to the Penghu Islands crashed in a landing attempt (current death count around 50, still uncertain) yesterday. This morning, news broke of an Air Algerie flight that went missing over Mali. It’s spooky; one can’t help but wonder if something more is going on.

A bit on the Israel/Gaza conflict. I don’t know a ton about the history and background of this conflict, other than that this conflict is hardly new, it’s been a back and forth almost since Israel was created. From what I understand, Palestine and Israel are fighting over land, and built up resentment and mistrust. The victims are the citizens of both who are caught in the crossfire. But it’s interesting that though the refugees who are in hiding on both sides of the war claim they are no different from each other and wish the fighting would stop, 690 civilians in Gaza have been killed, and only 3 Israeli civilians have been killed, as of yesterday. Aside from the stark Israeli military superiority, these numbers illustrate a very different story for each side of the war. One of them is clearly suffering more.


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The update on the investigation of MH17 confirms that the bodies of the deceased have been transferred to the care of the Netherlands, where they will undergo forensic testing to identify the bodies and to extract evidence about the crash. The black boxes from the fight have been recovered and given to Malaysia, where they will hopefully help further the efforts of the investigation. However, reporters on the ground at the crash site that not all bodies have been recovered, news the public, many of whom are already outraged at the lack of respect shown to the crash victims, met with dismay. Regarding the international politics and the responsibility for the surface-to-air missile that shot down the airliner, it appears that the blame has shifted away from Russia and towards Ukranian pro-Russian separatist. Russia has distanced herself from the separatists and have been playing the part of “fair mediator,” in an attempt to recover the damage to their political image incurred in the initial period after the crash, and is urging Ukraine to cooperate with the investigation efforts from the Netherlands and Malaysia, backed by the US and most of the EU. Faced with threats of sanctions from the US and EU nations, Russia has cooled off support for the Ukranian separatists, but still considers herself currently adversaries with the West.

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The current events I’ve been hearing the most about are the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down in Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza.

I’m sure this project will take on a life and direction of it’s own soon, but for now, as I’m simply trying to increase my own awareness, this project will be largely focused on summaries and related topics.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile four days ago on July 17th while flying over a region of Ukraine controlled by Ukrainian separatists. Social media posts by Ukrainian separatists took responsibility for the attack and threatened to shoot down future planes flying through their airspace. As of now, the Ukranian government and pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists are both denying involvement in the attack.

For days, Ukrainian separatists obstructed investigation of the crash site. Furthermore, the bodies of the victims were left at the crash site for many days before they were surrendered by the separatists today.

More and more evidence has come to light regarding the involvement of the separatists in the attack. We will have to wait and see how this conflict is resolved.

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Recently, it crossed my mind that my generation of tech-savvy young people nonetheless manage to be woefully uneducated about the world and it’s goings on, and I am quite guilty of the same ignorance. In conjunction with another idea floating in my mind, how to become more self-disciplined, I am setting a goal to read a couple of pieces of news a day, and write a little about them. I have found that small but consistent doses of commitment and an accountability system a successful project make. 🙂 Look forward to post #1 tomorrow!



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