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The update on the investigation of MH17 confirms that the bodies of the deceased have been transferred to the care of the Netherlands, where they will undergo forensic testing to identify the bodies and to extract evidence about the crash. The black boxes from the fight have been recovered and given to Malaysia, where they will hopefully help further the efforts of the investigation. However, reporters on the ground at the crash site that not all bodies have been recovered, news the public, many of whom are already outraged at the lack of respect shown to the crash victims, met with dismay. Regarding the international politics and the responsibility for the surface-to-air missile that shot down the airliner, it appears that the blame has shifted away from Russia and towards Ukranian pro-Russian separatist. Russia has distanced herself from the separatists and have been playing the part of “fair mediator,” in an attempt to recover the damage to their political image incurred in the initial period after the crash, and is urging Ukraine to cooperate with the investigation efforts from the Netherlands and Malaysia, backed by the US and most of the EU. Faced with threats of sanctions from the US and EU nations, Russia has cooled off support for the Ukranian separatists, but still considers herself currently adversaries with the West.

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Posted July 22, 2014 by aderyngrace in Gen Y News Project

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