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Apologies for missing a day, I’ll try to keep this up as frequently as possible.

It’s slightly eerie how many air-related crashes/tragedies have occurred recently. First the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the Pacific, then one week ago today, the crash of flight MH17 over  Ukraine. Flights from Europe and the US to Israel have been cancelled or redirected due to the ongoing Israel/Gaza conflict. A plane flying from Kaoshiung to the Penghu Islands crashed in a landing attempt (current death count around 50, still uncertain) yesterday. This morning, news broke of an Air Algerie flight that went missing over Mali. It’s spooky; one can’t help but wonder if something more is going on.

A bit on the Israel/Gaza conflict. I don’t know a ton about the history and background of this conflict, other than that this conflict is hardly new, it’s been a back and forth almost since Israel was created. From what I understand, Palestine and Israel are fighting over land, and built up resentment and mistrust. The victims are the citizens of both who are caught in the crossfire. But it’s interesting that though the refugees who are in hiding on both sides of the war claim they are no different from each other and wish the fighting would stop, 690 civilians in Gaza have been killed, and only 3 Israeli civilians have been killed, as of yesterday. Aside from the stark Israeli military superiority, these numbers illustrate a very different story for each side of the war. One of them is clearly suffering more.


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Posted July 24, 2014 by aderyngrace in Gen Y News Project

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