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On the Ukraine/Russia/Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 front, as of now all of the bodies have been transferred to the Netherlands. The militants controlling the crash site still fail to cooperate with investigation efforts. International representatives have been allowed on to the crash site with unarmed security forces, as mandated by the Ukrainian separatists. Civilians and other unarmed personnel have been allowed as well. The investigators reluctance to comply with their restrictions have been used by Russian and Ukrainian officials to accuse the West of not trying hard enough to determine the cause of the crash. US intelligence officers have declared that Russian missiles have been fired into Ukraine, although not the one that shot down MH17. Currently the crash site is surrounded by heavy fighting, making it difficult for international groups to continue their investigations. For the past several days/the two weeks since the incident, the US and other western nations have been threatening Russia with increased sanctions and discrediting Russian officials for their weaseling out of responsibility, but Russia hardly cares, unless someone intervenes in their plans. The current situation bears a resemblance to Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland prior to the Second World War. Russia’s agression towards Georgia in 2008, Crimea earlier this year, and now Ukraine seems notably expansionist and imperialist. The thing is, no one cares to stop them.


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Posted July 28, 2014 by aderyngrace in Gen Y News Project

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