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I’m a not-yet-voting-aged girl from California with a mission to change the world and a personal goal to become a doctor/businesswoman/entrepreneur/mom/fantasy writer. Aside from this, I enjoy math and science, play piano, and run cross country. Although I am very logical and straightforward (and hyperaware of my own philosophies and ideals), I also have a runaway imagination that manifests itself in the form of fantasy (some of which I try to capture in words), I’m a secret romantic, and I’m a ballerina at heart. I believe within everyone of us, there is a creative artist that is not always seen by everyone else. For me, I love to dance. Ballet is so natural to me, so enchantingly beautiful, and emotionally therapeutic, and at the same time, it is challenging because it requires so much inner strength and squeezes the last drop of determination from me (Maybe in a later post, I’ll explain why I’m not dancing my heart out in New York City). I’m self-righteous, determined, and try to live life to the fullest. I believe with enough determination and hard work, anything is possible. I believe that love for other people can only exist when you love yourself first, because only then do you understand the depth of the faith and support and strength of love. Or I suppose, vice versa, because to love others first is to understand the meaning and power of love. Maybe it doesn’t matter how you get there, or who you love first.

What exactly is it that I dream of doing? I’m not really sure yet. Currently, first and foremost I am a student. Why go to school just to waste almost a quarter million dollars in the course of my public education? It’s my responsibility, as part of the next generation, to put as much knowledge in to my toolbox as possible. When am I ever going to get the chance to do nothing but learn again (without some sort of financial pressure or time pressure, I mean, life happens)? But I am a thinker; I have ideas, and I question the status quo. I know very strongly what where my morals and values lie, and I want to use what I know and the skills that I have to make a difference. I’m still adding to my toolbox, but before I know it, I’ll be ready to test run some of my ideas. What to tackle first? I’m not sure yet; thus far, so of my ideas include a encapsulated, weatherproof, solar-human powered bike, a microloan system in the US, and a tracker network for runners to get an idea of the safest places to run. There are bigger ideas that I want to tackle; I want to open a hospital with reasonable prices (why should a fifteen minute doctor’s appointment cost upwards of $200?) that is energy-efficient and cares about patients and open a similar sister hospital in some of the poorer regions of third-world countries, and possibly develop a biomaterial that can be used to quickly set up disaster relief efforts and cost no waste, but these ideas take seed money, so I’ll have to earn that first. But I live in America, and we’ve been ingrained with the notion that anything is possible, starting from nothing, because the proof surrounds us.

Maybe this is my story of growing up, understanding myself, and achieving something meaningful in the world. I believe in my dreams, that they can come true. I will not give up on myself. Failure only occurs when one stops trying. Otherwise, I believe that mistakes are just stepping stones to success. will make my dreams reality someday 🙂

*Aderyn Grace Huang is a pen name, in order to protect my privacy. While this character is fictitious, my perspective in the way I write is accurate and true to myself, as are the anecdotes, and I hope you can appreciate this blog for its content. Thank you.


Posted September 24, 2011 by aderyngrace

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