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what can one little girl from a small town in california do for the world? what can any of us do to change the world, with our one little circle of influence? maybe this is a chronicle of my own journey of self-discovery and change within myself. maybe this is my story of personal growth and my transition from a child to a young adult. maybe this will have an impact on the world. but this was born when i realized that maybe, i can make a difference. i don’t have to wait until i’m in college, in med school, and become a doctor in order to change the world. i can start now. and there are no closed doors. not for an indomitable spirit, an undying and desperate need to do something for all the issues i see around me, and a girl guided by moral ideals and purpose. this is where i start. today, i’m going to dream big. i’m going to dream that someday, i can cure cancer, that i can end world hunger, that i can stop global warming. i’m am going to dream that one day, no one will commit suicide. i am going to free myself of the word “no,” the word “can’t,” the words “maybe someone else will…” and i can start today. by giving someone a smile. by learning how cancer really works. by helping someone understand their math homework. every drop in the bucket matters. one step at a time.


Posted September 25, 2011 by aderyngrace

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